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Temporus: Rogue

Explore space and search ancient ruins. Find artifacts and collect the data before being overrun by the local inhabitants.


Temporus Rogue is a rogue like sci-fi adventure. It was originally created as a test of some code but was reused for the #7DRL game jam. All new art was created along with new audio. Most of the internal code was gutted except for some basic movement.

The new art can be found here, made by Pete (@scutanddestroy)

The Team

How to play

The UI

The screen is broken up into 2 major areas. The HUD at the top and the controls at the bottom.


The HUD has the location on the left and your current goal on the right. You health and building materials are on the screen as well. SCRAP is used to build DRONES. You can find more scrap by killing creatures and robots.


The Controls allow you to interact with the world. 

Movement is controlled by touching the screen in the direction you want to go.

The DV system allows for the construction of utilities. 

  • Dv.1 is a Flying drone that will pepper all enemies in a small area with light dmg. It is not very strong.
  • Dv.2 is a heavy tank drone that fires strong weapons alone the XY axis only.
  • Dv.3 is a non-combat barrier

Using the look command will give you information about where you are standing and if anything interesting is near you.

Combat is simple. Using the 1 and 2 buttons will set up for an attack. Hit the button, then a DIRECTION you want to attack in. 1 is a melee strike near you. 2 is a long range single line attack.

Data Terminal

Some objects can be touched to interact with. This computer terminal will let you know it can be used, but some objects don't. Look for something unusual.

Stasis Block

There are some creatures which are locked in a stasis field. At the moment you can either destroy them or find a way to free them.


V1.2 (3/11/18)
  • Fixed broken event counter
  • Added new audio
  • Deletes saved games on start (will change this eventually)
V1.1 (3/11/18)
  • Fixed broken computer terminal
V1.0 (3/11/18)
  • All new art
  • New sound
  • All new enemies
  • New AI
  • New cave generation
  • New ship
  • New events
V0.9 (3/5/17)
  • Old tileset
  • No goals
  • Basic combat
  • Basic endless caves
  • Basic Inventory


  • Save Feature is broken
  • Performance issues with final event
  • Tyops
  • Add better AI
  • You can lock yourself in with barriers
  • AI can be dumb
  • Add inventory and bonus
  • Add a level up system
  • Add random loot
  • Add new maps, open world? ships?

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFirebelly Studios
GenreRole Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


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