A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Prototype release / GameJam project. Explore wrecked ships and stations to collect scrap in this space centered "Sword of Fargoal" inspired rogue like.

How to play

The controls on the left act as your actions.

  • up, down, left and right move you about. If you are near an enemy it will melee too.
  • Use activate teleports and picks up items.
  • The P.A.D.D. is you inventory and stats.
  • You have room for about 8 items for now and can use and drop them from your P.A.D.D. inventory.
  • Zooming helps see more of the map.

Lots of bugs present, please let me know what you find.

Current Release (3/5/17)

  • Basic combat
  • Basic endless caves
  • Basic Inventory

Next Release

  • Increased difficulty with higher levels
  • More items to drop with better stats

Future Release

  • Boss fights
  • Cave levels
  • Weapons that do special stuff
  • Drones that do things
  • More monsters

Install instructions

Unsigned Android APK. Windows version will not look perfect, the screens are designed for phones.


setup.exe 11 MB
firebelly-studios-salvage-outback-default-android-20.apk 22 MB
Windows x86.zip 14 MB