A downloadable game for Windows


Miners and salvagers out in the uncharted regions get an unexpected distress call. Find out where this leads you and your crew, as you enter a new chapter in the history of Temporus.

DEMO BUILDS / PRE-ALPHA, Bugs, broken stuff, 100% Mess. Watch as I build a diaster.

Work in Progress Soundtrack here: https://dontatello.bandcamp.com/releases

Bugs can be reported here on the main discord: https://discord.gg/0l2ohvJidsAyy0vP

Keyboard Only (for now)


  • Arrow Left/Arrow Right: Movement
  • Space: Jump
  • Z: Fire weapon, drop drone, or action
  • E: Activate item/Interact/Speak
  • 1-4 Num: Select Weapons/Drones/etc

Things to check in the built

  • Does it even load, if not what computer do you have?
  • Does the dialog work or do you get "Default"
  • Does the sound work close to expected
  • Is the story able to progress, bugs?

This Release

  • Pre-Alpha
  • Demo
  • basic game play

Next Releases

  • Alpha release
  • SHUMP level
  • Start of Story


TemporusTechDemo.zip 229 MB
TemporusTechDemo2.zip 238 MB
TemporusTechDemo3.zip 115 MB

Install instructions

Zipped EXE

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